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King's Collective Inc scam involves false advertising. It publishes adverts seeking employees for event marketing positions.

Is King's Collective Inc Legit?

According to the many testimonials and reviews we found in our research, the company calls in potential employees and gives them totally different jobs. Sometimes it even scams them off by taking service payments.

Should You Invest With King's Collective Inc?

King's Collective Inc is a company with many negative reviews online. It is better if you take your business, investment, and resume to a more widely renowned company instead. The money you spend will be a lot safer if done via a reputed company.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By King's Collective Inc?

If you have been scammed by King's Collective Inc do not worry. Reach us via the given contact details on our website. We will study your case and help you get back your lost money fast.

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