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Investing Capital is an auto selling programme for Cryptocurrency. The location of this company is at 1000 Sofia City, Sofia District, Metropolitan Municipality, Vazrazhdane Region.

Is Investing Capital Legit?

Investing Capital is owned by Dream Equity, a company based in Bulgaria. This broker was already warned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on 13 December, 2019. Also, this is an offshore company which means that it is also not regulated. Hence, we can conclude that this broker is not legit.

Is It Safe To Invest With Investing Capital?

Investing in Investing Capital involves risk. As per the research, it is clear that this company has many bad reviews. Hence, you should not invest in such a company.

How To Get Your Scammed Money Back From Investing Capital?

If under any case, if you have been scammed by this broker then no need to worry, reach out to us as we will help you to recover your money back.

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