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IGM Financial is a scam company that offers people sales executive jobs in its firm. It sends out letters of acceptance to the houses of its victims.

Is IGM Financial Legit?

IGM Financial is not legit at all. The reviews available online about the company suggest that the company randomly sends out letters and demands an acceptance fee of sorts. This is how the scammers bait their victims to pay them.

Should You Pay To IGM Financial?

Do not pay IGM financial scam any kind of fees or reveal banking details or other personal information. The company is a front for scammers. We recommend that you ignore the letter and do not further respond to it.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By IGM Financial?

If you too have fallen prey to an IGM financial scam, contact us at our registered mail id or telephone number. We have an experienced team of professionals dedicated to solving your case and getting your money back.

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