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ICE FX is a popular Forex, CFD broker that offers customers profitable trading, low commissions and spreads, an innovative platform, over 1000 assets, and more. It is managed by IceFx Markets Limited. The project is registered in Malaysia.

Is ICE FX Legit?

ICE FX holds a local license for trading. Still, the company is unregulated and not authorized to operate in most countries. 

Should You Invest With ICE FX?

We recommend you not to invest with ICE FX. The firm is an offshore brokerage firm. There is a high chance of the company being a front for scammers. Therefore the money invested by you will be at a constant security risk. It is better if you invest with a government-approved brokerage service instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By ICE FX?

If you have been scammed by ICE FX, do not worry. Contact us via the information provided on our site. We will review your case and then our experts will use their skills plus experience to recover your lost money.

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