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HugosWay is a popular ECN/STP brokerage firm offering multiple financial instruments to trade with. The broker provides a user-friendly MT4 trading platform and has an initial deposit of $10. Also, the entity offers various affiliate programs.

Is HugosWay A Licensed Broker?

HugosWay is an unregulated platform located in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. It does not operate under any financial regulatory body. There is no credible evidence available to prove the broker’s legitimacy.

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With HugosWay?

HugosWay has low credibility in the market. It has failed to win the trust of the investors, mainly due to a lack of regulations. Therefore, it is advisable not to associate with HugosWay for any sort of investment.

Want To Recover Back Your Lost Money From Hugosway?

As per available information, HugosWay has received mixed feedback overall. However, being an offshore entity and too without regulations creates lots of insecurities among investors. If you are facing any scam issue with HugosWay, contact us. We will help you in getting your funds recovered.

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