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HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides trading, OTC, Token listing, Margin Trading, and API services. It is based in Hong Kong and provides worldwide service. The exchange supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Is HitBTC Regulated?

The official website of HitBTC does not mention any details about the license from regulatory authorities. The firm’s legal claim states that the trader will have to bear all the risks for investing with them. 

Is It Safe To Invest With HitBTC?

HitBTC is safe to invest with based on the reviews online. Even though the firm has mandatory security features, there are a lot of complaints about withdrawal and technical issues. HitBTC has a poor record of customer service.

What To Do If You Have Lost Investment With HitBTC?

If you have lost your investment because of any technical or legal issues from HitBTC, you can contact Funds Recovery. Our expert team will help you with the issue and recover the lost funds.

What people say

  • In 2018 I bought a bunch of crypto on hit BTC and had it on their exchange. In 2020 when i tried to logon they said there wasn't anything in my account and now they canceled my account because I am from the US

  • Funds were scammed from me from for the purchase of a non existent cryto-currency miner. (Linzhi Phoenix) I withdrew money from my wallet and have tracked the funds to HitBTC 3. The w site immediately put up a fake http 404 error page after my transaction went through. I have tracked the transaction to HitBTC account using IT first went to an account identified as Fake_Phishing4827 then transferred to the following address which is at HitBTC.