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Greenwood Holding Group is a limited liability company that collects bills from clients for the properties they own. The company has been reported by many customers for threatening calls and emails.

Is Greenwood Holding Group Legit?

In our research, we could not find any kind of license for the company. The company is not registered in the USA, even though a New York address is provided. Without registration, the firm's operations can be considered illegal.

Should You Invest With Greenwood Holding Group?

We do not recommend you paying Greenwood Holding Group even after you receive their calls. The company is not registered in any of the business administration lists. Therefore it is most likely a scam. If you invest with this company your money will be lost.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Greenwood Holding Group?

If you too have fallen prey to the Greenwood Holding Group scam, contact us. We have the best tools and the technical know-how to solve your case and get you your money back fast.

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