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Go Capital is an online Forex and CFD trading platform that provides an opportunity for traders to earn different amounts on their investments based on their skill. The company provides high investment returns and bonuses for new investors.

Is Go Capital Legit?

Go Capital is a South American based company. Being an offshore company, our research shows that there might be chances that the company is not legit. Also, we could not find its licenses. Therefore, it seems to have no legal rights for the services it offers.

Is Investing In Go Capital Safe?

Go Capital has already been blacklisted by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, the company has no specific licenses. Based on several Go Capital reviews, we strongly recommend you to look for better-regulated Forex companies for investments.

What To Do If Go Capital Scams You?

Firstly, do not worry at all about your lost funds. Contact us via email or telephone with proper documents and we will help you to recover your money as fast as possible with minimum hassle.

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