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Global Pro Trader is a Forex broker that offers the MT4 trading platform. Its services include Currency exchange, CFD, Commodities, Stocks, and others. There is no information available like the contact details and management team of the Global Pro Trader.

Is Global Pro Trader Registered?

The Global Pro Trader is not registered, and it does not have a license to offer financial services from recognized organizations. The FCA has issued a warning against this unauthorized trading service.

Can You Invest With Global Pro Trader?

It is not safe to invest with Global Pro Trader. There is no accreditation or license for this company. Based on the complaints online, there were many who have invested and lost their investments.

What Can You Do If You Have Lost Your Funds With Global Pro Trader?

If you are a victim of Global Pro Trader, you can contact Funds Recovery. Our professional team has experience in handling financial frauds and will reclaim your lost investment.

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