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Global InterGold is an investment company for cryptocurrency currency trading which is owned by Global I Gold Online Ltd. The company has made various false claims to attract investors. 

Is Global InterGold Licensed?

From the information that we have gathered, Globalintergold is unregulated. We could also spot various red flags that led us to believe that it is not authentic. 

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With Global InterGold?

As per our investigation, it is not safe to invest with Global InterGold as it is unregulated, and has no credibility. You should never invest with an unregulated company as it won't be accountable for anything, and it can do whatever it wants to, with your money. This makes it highly unsafe to invest with it.

What To Do InCase Global InterGold Scams You?

In case you fall in the trap of Intergold scam, do not worry. You can reach out to us anytime and our experts will ensure that your funds get recovered.

What people say

  • I made gold purchases through the Global Inter Gold referral scheme, they took my money, but they never responded to my email and they did not even reflect what was paid on the page, they robbed meabout 700 Euros. Can you do something to get that money back?