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GE Capital or GE Money Bank is a financial service provider that offers various investment opportunities and loan services. According to the information available online, the company is located in multiple locations in Florida.

Is GE Capital Bank Regulated?

GE Capital is not legit. There is no information available on the registration details for the company.  The firm is not regulated by any of the recognized authorities for providing financial services.

Is It Safe To Trust GE Capital Bank?

GE Capital Bank and other subsidiary firms are not trustworthy. If you are receiving any call from them to pay back loans that have not been applied by you, do not provide any personal information or pay the money they are asking.

What Can You Do If You Have Been Scammed By GE Capital Bank?

If you have lost your funds with GE Capital Bank, you can contact the expert team at Funds Recovery. We will help you with the process of reclaiming your funds from the GE Capital Bank.

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