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GDMFX stands for Global Derivative Capital Markets NZ Limited. Itis a global online broker that provides currency trading services for a wide range of investors. 

Is GDMFX Legit?

GDMX is currently not regulated, after doing the necessary research we conclude that it is currently in the process of getting regulation from the different divisions. Hence, we conclude that  GDMFX is not legit.

Is Trading With GDMFX Safe?

Trading with GDMFX is not safe because it is unlicensed. Moreover, it is not safe to trade with a company that is not regulated and can not operate in any regulated country. You will be putting all your money at risk if you do trade with GDMFX.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By GDMFX?

If you have been scammed by GDMFX then please do not worry, we are here for you. Do reach out to us for the required help in order to recover your money.

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