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GBCFX is a foreign exchange and CFD company which has created a MetaTrader5 platform for its investors. The company has 3 different account types that you can choose from and it also has more than 70 currency pairs. 

Is GBCFX Regulated?

No, we have found out that GBCFX does not have any license and the company is not registered with any regulatory agency. This leads us to believe that the company might be fraudulent. 

Is It Safe For You To Make An Investment With GBCFX?

We do not suggest you to invest with GBCFX as the company is not registered, and therefore, it can put your money to waste. You should always look for a company that is registered and regulated so that you do not face any issues. 

What Do You Do If GBCFX Scams You?

In case you fall in the trap of the GBCFX scam, then you can reach out to us and our team of experts will do the needful to ensure that your funds get recovered. 

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