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Gateway Holdings Group is an entity that claims as payday loans collecting service. Its address shows that it is in Florida. There is no official website or any other business records available online for this company.

Is Gateway Holdings Group Regulated?

Gateway Holdings Group is not legit. There are no registration details or information on this company. Most of the time, customers received calls regarding payday loans they never applied for or already paid off. 

Can You Pay Money To Gateway Holdings Group?

Do not fall for the Gateway Holdings Group payday loans scam. When customers received calls from Gateway Holdings, often there were no details provided on the account details of the loan account. 

What To Do If You Lost Money On Gateway Holdings Group Payday Loans Scam?

If you have provided any personal details after receiving these calls, there is a chance you may be charged with a loan that you didn’t apply for. If you are a victim, contact our expert team. We will help you with the process of reclaiming your funds and securing your information.

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