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FXPB is a Forex broker with more than 200 trading instruments and 1:300 leverage. The firm also claims that there will be no fees for the exchange. The company is based in Vanuatu and authorized by Armanda Markets.

Is FXPB Legit?

FXPB claims that it is regulated by FCA and CySEC. But there are some problematic claims like leverage, which is not within the limits of FCA authorized firms. FCA issued a warning against this firm in 2020.

Is It Safe To Invest With FXPB?

FXPB is not safe to invest with because it is not a regulated financial service provider. The firm uses the regulation certificates of another company and offers false claims. So this can be considered a clone firm scam.

What Can You Do If You Are A Victim Of The FXPB?

If you have lost your investment with the FXPB or a similar clone firm scam, you can contact Funds Recovery. Our expert team will help you with the legal process and reclaim the lost funds.

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