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FXmarket247 is an online trading service provider that claims to offer a user-friendly trading interface and support features for new traders. The official website mentions that the firm is based in London. It offers Forex and Cryptocurrency trading services.

Is FXmarket247 Regulated?

FXmarket247 is not a regulated financial service provider with authorization from one of the regulatory authorities like the FCA. The firm claims to have registered in London, which is a false claim.

Are Your Funds Safe With FXmarket247?

FXmarket247 is not a regulated financial service provider with approval from regulatory authorities. It offers false claims on registration and does not provide a secure trading platform.

What Can You Do If you Have Lost Your Investment With FXmarket247?

If you have lost your funds with FXmarket247, you can get help from Funds Recovery experts. We have experience in handling financial scams and trading frauds. We will help you reclaim the lost funds.

What people say

  • I was approached by a guy named Abdul khan on Facebook and we became friends, after a while he asked for my whatsapp number I gave him,then we started chatting every day. I was honest with him about not wanting to trade after realizing that I don't budge he pretended to love me.,to get me to trust him. After 2 weeks he opened. a trading account for me asking me to trust him and I did but I only started putting money after a month which was 2500 after a week I received an email from Albert Sebastián saying that I should pay 600$ for data because I won't be able to continue to trade, forwarded the message to Abdul khan and he said I shouldn't worry how much do I have he will help me because he wants me to get my profit,then I gave him R3200 after a week when I was about to request my profit I received another email saying I should pay for commission fee of about 600$ again forwarded the message to Abdul and he said that standard practice I should not worry I should pay R5000 and he will pay the rest and indeed I payed 5200 and he said he paid the rest while at it another email came through saying I should pay for transfer fees mind you I made loans because I was desperate to pay all my debts. Abdul said that I should pay what I have and I only had R4300, I payed and he promised to pay the rest like he always did or so I thought. Funny thing is that very same day he did not speak to me before going to sleep like we always do.The following morning I called him he didn't pick up and later called to say he is busy in the office wd will talk later. Around 15:00 I left him a message enquiry about my payment because he was not answering my calls he ignored me. At night I went to my trading account requesting for a withdrawal and I was told via email to contact my support, then Abdul messaged me saying that he received a call from the office regarding me what did I want I told him that I want my profit and he told me that they need more transfer money of about R4000.I ha have his four contacts numbers, pictures, proof of payments and conversations, please help me get my money I'm up in debts because of their lies.