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FxLifestyle is a Forex guidance company that sells courses and trading signals to novice traders. The whole business is owned by self renowned con artist Samir Tahir, a young trader who claims to have turned $ 150 into $ 100,000 within ten months. Although, he has no credible evidence to back up his bizarre claims. The company represents itself to be the world's biggest Forex signal company and has more than 500,000 traders across the globe using the service.

Is FxLifestyle Registered?

FxLifestyle is not regulated under any financial authority. However, it is widely popular among young investors and has gained trust with time. However, the legitimacy of the company is a huge concern.

Is It Safe To Invest With FxLifestyle?

FxLifestyle is a young company and a dubious platform in terms of dependability. The company owner lures naive traders by showing a lavish lifestyle on social media. An individual notion will never work systematically for all traders. Therefore, we recommend being cautious while investing with FxLifestyle.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By FxLifestyle?

FxLifestyle reviews indicate the company has no major red flag in the market, but there is suspicion about its authenticity. Many paid testimonials are available on the internet. However, if you are a fallen victim to the FxLifestyle scam, reach us. We will assist you to recover your lost funds.

What people say

  • I was scammed by someone claiming they from Fxlifestyle forex trading. Here is his trading address....1K41Nbre1vm5yfbCddb6bQSmDWjoyDeu5C ... this man put my family in such a bad position now. He was so trustworthy & understanding of my situation. He promised me a profit payout of R100000 of the R4500 I paid him