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FXBTG is an online forex trading service that provides CFD and other trading assets through platforms like MT4. The firm operates from New Zealand, and most of the users are from China. There is another firm with a similar name that offers services in New Zealand and Australia.

Is FXBTG Regulated?

FXBTG is not regulated by any of the financial regulatory authorities like the ASIC. The firm has no license to offer trading services.

Are Your Funds Safe With FXBTG?

Your investment may not be safe with FXBTG because it is an offshore firm without authorization to offer financial services. The firm has positive reviews online. At the same time, investing in unregulated traders is not safe.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Funds With FXBTG?

If you have lost your investment with FXBTG because of an issue caused by the firm, you can get help from the Funds Recovery professionals. We will help you recover the lost funds.

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