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  FX Group is one of the popular companies that have provided users with several options for trading. The company works with the help of MetaTrader 4, which is one of the most preferred platforms for trading and brokerage. In addition to this, it also allows mobile trading to give users better convenience and reliable trading experience.   FX Groups is a hybrid broker, which means it involves both A Book and B Book brokerage. For the products, one can have a range of options such as trading of indices, commodities, currencies and CFDs. But the major problem that lies with the company is that it is not a regulated one.   Notably, the company’s website is also unreachable (as of now) and users are of the opinion that it may have been involved in scams. Hence, for many, it is not a reliable option. One can also consider a company like Funds Recover in case there is a real scam.

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