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Fortis Enterprise is an offshore trading company operating in Hong Kong and China. They are a registered private limited company in London. Fortis Enterprise has no records for their finances or accreditation. It also offers a no-trade model that allows traders to use any trading methods without restrictions including automated trading.

Is Fortis Enterprise Legit?

Fortis Enterprise is an offshore company which offers trading options using MT4 and MT5 platforms. There are no valid assurances on your investment and risks. So the Fortis Enterprise (changed its name to Fortic Enterprise recently) is not legitimate.

Is It Safe To Trade With Fortis Enterprise?

Even though the company doesn’t offer any dubious claims, there are no records or reviews from traders in the UK or the US. It will be best to avoid offshore companies like Fortis Enterprise. 

What To Do If You Have Lost Money With Fortis Enterprise?

If you have lost money on the Fortis Enterprise scam, you can book for a free consultation from us. Our expert team will help you with the process of reclaiming your lost sum.

What people say

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An analyst named Li Hui assured me of good returns but it ended up costing me around $9000 usd. I have close to $1000 usd left in my trading account but I need him to send me a withdrawal form. He is making every excuse not to send this form and I am very suspicious this is not legitimate trading.

I was engaged in a dating application by a young woman claiming to be
moving to NYC and searching for real love. She introduced me to Fortis
Enterprise and helped my sign up to MetaTrader 4 with a server named
FoticEnterprise. Lost $2000 to them.