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FortFX is an international brokerage that aims at providing users with an innovative and reliable platform for trading. It has the International Finance Services Commission (based in Belize) regulating its operation. The company is trading forex in more than 36 countries globally.


In terms of trading tools and instruments, the company offers around 150 currency pairs, CFDs, etc. on its automated trading platform. There are several options provided to the customers such as FORT with a fixed spread, FLEX with floating spread and PRO with the interbank floating spread. The trading is done with the help of MetaTrader. On the website, FortFX also has its separate learning section for the beginners.


Despite being one of the popular companies, FortFX is said to be involved in fraud against the users. Some of the users have also claimed that the company has disabled their accounts. In any case, if your investment seems to be in danger, take immediate action with the help of Funds Recovery.

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