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Panama based Forex Macro seems to be operating as a High Yield Investment Plan. The company claims to trade in the forex market and offer its investors exceptionally high returns on their risk capital.

Is Forex Macro Legit?

The return rates stated by the firm are simply impossible. The firm even has the classic bearings of a Ponzi scheme. Also, we could not find any licenses for the firm. 

Should You Invest With Forex Macro?

Do not invest with Forex Macro. The structure of the company, the impossible return rates with low-risk investments, all point to something suspicious. These are the traits of a Ponzi scheme. Therefore it will be better if you invested with some other authentic firm instead.

What To Do If You Were Scammed By Forex Macro?

If you have been scammed by Forex Macro contact us. We have the best tools and an experienced team of professionals who can study your case and recover your money fast without much hassle.

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