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FOPU is a trading platform that uses the technology of STP/ECN. The platform that the company provides is MetaTrader5. 

Is FOPU Legitimate?

After a thorough investigation, we have come to the conclusion that FOPU is not a legitimate broker. We have also observed that there are various trading websites that have been made with similar names. Moreover, the company has made false claims to lure the customers. 

 Is It Safe To Make An Investment With FOPU?

No, it is not safe to make an investment with FOPU. We do not recommend you to invest with FOPU as the company has made various false claims and the company has no credibility.

What Do You Do If FOPU Scams You?

In case you get scammed by FOPU, you can call us and our trained professionals will ensure that your funds get recovered. Our experts will do the needful to get the lost money back in your hands.

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