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Like the many trading platforms out there, FMfx is also a foreign exchange broker that offers a platform for MetaTrader 4 (MT4).

Is FMfx Legit?

From what we have found out, FMfx is a company whose license was revoked. We have also investigated that many investors faced problems with the company and it has also made false claims. Hence, it is not legit.

Is It Safe To Make An Investment In FMfx?

No, it is not safe to invest in Fmfx as the company is not authentic. It is very important to ensure that a company is legit as there are a lot of scams involved in the cryptocurrency trading industry. 

What To Do If FMfx Scams You?

If you get scammed by Fmfx and you are stuck in the trap, you can call us to get help from our experts. Our team will ensure that you get your money back in your hands.

What people say

  • I bought $250 au in Bitcoin from fmfx but due to injuries from an accident I lost track of learning about Bitcoin and all my info accept for a password I have but not sure what it is for, hope you can help, thankyou.