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Finodax is a forex trading company that offers three types of accounts. A Micro account that starts at $500, Standard account that starts at $1000 and a Premium account that starts at $50000. The minimum trading size is 0.1. The spread for the micro account os 3.0, which is fixed, while for the other two accounts, the spread is not mentioned.


While Finodx holds less value in terms of forex trading world, the fact that it offers Sirix trading platform is something which gives it better status. But again, on the other side, there are various cons like no regulation, high and fixed spread and lack of MT4 platform, which is the most popular and convenient platform for forex trading.


Also, there are various negative reviews about the company, which make the investment more or less doubtful. Hence, if there is any scam, one can consider options like Funds Recovery to file a complaint against the company.


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