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Financika, the forex trading company is owned by Financika Sharp Trading Ltd. It is a legal entity based in Vanuata and registered with the local VFSC. Thus, the company is said to have at least some sort of regulation.


Financika offers Standard account with a minimum deposit of $200 and maximum leverage of 1:200. The spread is from 3.0 pips.


Although they allow only one type of account, there is no discrimination on size and investment. In terms of the platform, the company has opted for web and mobile-friendly PROfit. Notably, Financika also presents a list of cons such as off-shore regulation, high spreads, absence of MT4 trading platform, etc. Also, the review of the company is not all positive, which means there are chances of fraud.


In case of any scam, users can consider the company that helps them file a case. Funds Recovery is one such platform.

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