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Finance Unlimited also known by the name Unlimited Finance is a brokerage service company based in the UK. The company offers deals and great investment opportunities to its new investors.

Is Finance Unlimited Legit?

Finance Unlimited has been blacklisted by the FCA of the United Kingdom, according to this report. The company also has no authorization for its trade activities. Therefore, all this effectively makes the firm’s operations illegal.

Should You Invest With Finance Unlimited?

Finance Unlimited is an unregulated company that offers no security to your invested money. Also, the details provided by the firm could not be verified. Therefore it is much better if you invest in a more recognized and government-approved brokerage service instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Finance Unlimited?

If you have been scammed by Finance Unlimited do not worry. Contact us at the information given on our website. We have the necessary experience and skillset to solve your case and get your money back.

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