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Fidelity is known to be a big-scale broker in the United States. The company is allegedly curated to serve as a trading platform for a large number of investors in the market. The company claims to offer a lot of tools, and resources for its customers. 

Is Fidelity Legit?

After a thorough investigation, we could find any source that could tell us whether Fidelity is a registered company or not. However, we did find a few sources that shed a light upon the Fidelity investments scam which leads us to believe that various investors have faced problems with the company.

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With Fidelity?

From what we have found out, we believe that it is not safe to make an investment with Fidelity as the company is not trustworthy and it has no credibility.

What To Do If Fidelity Scams You?

In case you get in the trap of the Fidelity scam, do not worry. You can give us a call and our experts will make it a point to get your money back.

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