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Ez Trade is a trading platform that provides various trading tools and education. The firm offers a service called Ez Trade builder that is specifically designed to allow the users to customize their trading system. 

Is Ez Trade Regulated?

Ez Trade is not a broker who offers direct investment services. They have partnered with other trading services. The partner firms are regulated and have permission to give investment services.

Is Ez Trade Safe?

Ez Trade is a trading system that can not be considered safe because the user will bear all the risks. They provide trading ideas and education on using their system and in topics like probability, options matrix, and signals. Traders should be aware of the fact that all trading decisions will be their responsibility.

What Can You Do If You Lost Your Investment With Ez Trade?

If you have lost your investment with the Ez Trade, you can contact Funds Recovery. Our professional team will help you with the process of reclaiming the lost funds.

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