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Expert Option is one of the popular online trading platforms. It offers excellent trading software, which is very suitable for beginners and has the features required by experienced traders. It has recognition from VFSC and FMPRC.

Is Expert Option Regulated?

Expert Option does not offer its services to customers in the US and UK. They are not authorized to offer trading services in these countries. It is regulated by VFSC in Vanuatu and FMPRC in China.

Is It Safe To Invest In Expert Option?

Expert Option has been offering its online trading service in various countries. Based on the reviews from users and the regulation details, it is safe. At the same time, brokers using a similar name like Experts Option are trying to scam the customers. 

What Can You Do If You Lost Money With Expert Option?

If you have been scammed by Expert Option or its clone firms, you can contact our professionals at Funds Recovery. We will recover your funds and help you with the process of dispute.

What people say

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I deposited 11340 rs and have lost every single penny of it. Expert
option is not a legitimate and safe platform to trust please help me
get my money back. I am a student and I have lost such a huge amount
please help me recover it.