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Many consumers around the world have been getting calls from extended warranty service vehicle division to extend the warranty services for their car. Official letters are also being sent to many of the residences.

Is EWS Vehicle Services Division Legit?

The EWS Vehicle Services Division is not a legal part of any organization. These are scammers who call people and try to lure money from them in the name of selling extended warranty for their cars.

Should You Pay To EWS Vehicle Services Division?

We strongly recommend not paying a single dime to the EWS Vehicle Services Division. These are scammers who do not reveal any particular information about their firm. They also provide no details regarding the services they provide.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By EWS Vehicle Services Division?

If you too have fallen prey to an EWS Vehicle Services Division scam, contact us. We have an experienced workforce that will help you recover your lost money.

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