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Evolve Markets is a brokerage which has created a platform for cryptocurrency trading for CFD and foreign exchange. The platform that the company offers is MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, and Evolve Markets. 

Is Evolve Markets Regulated?

As per our thorough investigation, we have found out that Evolve Markets is an unregulated company. Hence, we can say that the company is not legit.

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With Evolve Markets?

No, we do not think that it is safe to invest with Evolve Markets as the company is not regulated. The problem that the investors can face with an unregulated company is that these companies won’t be answerable to you for what they do with your funds.

What To Do If Evolve Markets Scams You?

If you get scammed by Evolve Markets, you can contact us and our professionals will do their best to ensure that you get your funds back in hand.

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