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Everforex is a financial corporation that provides Forex Trading and payment services. Their headquarters is in Richmond, Canada. Their services include Chinese Currency payments, world currency transfers, domestic and international payments. 

Is Everforex Legit?

The Everforex corporation is registered with financial regulatory authorities in Canada and Australia (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) for foreign currency exchange services. Nevertheless, services like providing trading advice and instruments are not under the mentioned registrations. 

Can You Invest With Everforex?

Though Everforex has been providing foreign currency exchange services for a long time, it is not a licensed broker for Forex trading without the license to offer trading services. So it is not safe to invest with them.

What To Do If You Lost Funds With Everforex?

If you have lost money with Everforex because of any issues caused by the firm, you can contact our professional team. Funds Recovery will help you recover the lost funds.

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