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EUCapital is a brokerage for foreign exchange which offers its investors with an online trading platform to trade in a variety of products. The company claims to offer leverage that goes up to 1:400. Moreover, to start trading, you will have to make an initial deposit of $ 250. 

Is EUCapital Regulated?

We were unable to find much information as the website of the comp was not very informative. However, on further investigation, we found that the company is registered in the Marshall Islands, which is famous for its cryptocurrency trading scams. 

Is It Safe To Make An Investment With EUCapital?

No, it is not safe for you to invest with EUCapitals as the company is speculated to be a scam and we do not believe that it is appropriately regulated. 

What Do You Do In Case EUCapital Scams You?

If you become the victim of EUCapital company’s scam, then you can contact us to avail our fund recovery services. Our experts will do their best to get your funds back. 

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