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The company El Terro claims to be reducing carbon dioxide emissions around the world by investing in clean energy. They assure investors would get about 2% daily returns on their investments, which is 60% returns per month.

Is El Terro Regulated?

The company maintains no kind of regulations. It does not have any kind of license from FCA even though it claims to be a UK based company.

Should You Invest Money With El Terro?

El Terro is most likely a Ponzi scheme. It promises to give a return of 60% every month, which is pretty impossible. Even on the site users do not find any genuine information on how their money is to be invested. The company most likely is not even real and therefore it is highly recommended not to invest money into it.

What If El Terro Scams You?

We have the best experience and professionals who can help you get back your lost money from a company like El Terro. We specialize in dealing with scams like Ponzi schemes and with proper documents can help you win the case.

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