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Edge Elite is an online cryptocurrency trading site that also provides its users with an Edge Elite credit card. The company ensures 100% free procedural fees for the setting up of the Edge Elite card and a 1000 US dollars credit.

Is Edge Elite legit?

Though the offers sound lucrative, on further inspection we found a lot of misinformation or even no information in several cases. The site appears to be suspicious and there is a lack of authenticity.

Should You Invest In Edge Elite Card?

We strongly recommend do not invest in an Edge Elite Card. The card is unknown in the general market and therefore has a risk of being a scam. You should invest in better and more widely recognized credit cards.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Edge Elite?

Simply contact us at our given contact information from the website. We will listen to your case and if the money is retrievable, provide you with full support in recovering it.

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