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Doxera is an investment company based in the United Kingdom that offers trading in Forex markets and cryptocurrencies. It offers investors a 5% daily return on their investments for 30 days.

Is Doxera legit?

Doxera operates from the United Kingdom and still does not have any kind of trading license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to be able to operate legally. Further in our research, we found that it just has a UK address, the actual owners, and location of the company are unknown.

Should You Invest In Doxera?

We strongly recommend not to invest in Doxera. The returns provided by the company are not possible in any real scenario. Also being unlicensed, you have no guarantee for the money you invest through the platform.

What To Do If You Are Scammed By Doxera?

We will say this again, do not invest in Doxera. Still, if you have been scammed by this company, do not worry. Contact us via email or telephone and with the proper details, we can help you get back your lost money.

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