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Dax-300 is an offshore trading company which provides a solution for CFD brokerage and trading of forex via the MT4 platform. In the entire offer list of the company, there is no special feature that would attract the users. Still, some of the users preferred it over other trading platforms.


Dax-300 offers four types of accounts, Standard account starting at 250 Euro, Gold account at 5000 Euro and Platinum account at 20000 Euro. So, an investor can choose an account for them, all operating over the MT4 platform.


However, in the case of trading forex, CFD, etc., there are chances of scam most of the time. This is why one looks for the company regulation and licence and Dax-300 does not have the same. Hence, there is no assurance of profit.


But if you face fraudulent activity, you can file a complaint in the Funds Recovery, a site that helps users to raise voice against scam.

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