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CryptoRocket is an offshore forex and CFD broker based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They offer over 50 currency pairs and lots of CFDs with a leverage of up to 1:500 and the MetaTrader4 platform. But before you decide to spend your money on it you better read the following CryptoRocket review.

Is CryptoRocket Legit?

CryptoRocket is an offshore brokerage firm registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. As it does not have licenses to trade in other countries it might be illegal to use the services elsewhere. The company is also not regulated in any way.

Should You Invest With CryptoRocket?

CryptoRocket is an offshore brokerage firm and also unregulated. This should be enough reason for you to not invest with this firm. The money invested will always be at risk of getting lost. It is better for you to invest with government-approved brokerage services instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By CryptoRocket?

If you have been scammed by CryptoRocket, do not panic. You can contact us at our given contact information with the case details. We will go through your case related documents and our experienced professionals will then give you the best ways of getting your money back.

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