Funds Recovery - Scam Recovery Company


Cruptonach is one of the known companies in the trading world which aims at providing investors with a great profit. The company trades in cryptocurrency and offers the users to stand a chance of gaining the market overnight. However, the company, wherever has released its description, have also mentioned about the careful investment.   It can also be noted that the website of Cryptonash is shut down most of the times. This can indicate the dark side of the broker. You can find a number of negative reviews about the company. There is no information about its legitimation. On the other hand, you can also find the company’s involvement in various sort of scams such as account freezing, blocking, unable to log in or get access to accounts, no support, etc.   If you are also among the investors who faced scam, Funds Recovery is where you must make a stop and raise a complaint.

What people say

  • I deposited 250 euros and I never got my money back. I tried to reach them via email but still no response. I only found out the website is on sale