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CredoTrade is an offshore Forex broker. It is owned and operated by Venture Business INC. The trading software is called Sirix which CredoTrade uses, available in the web version and in mobile Android and IOS devices. Investors can use the MT4 trading platform.

Is CredoTrade Licensed?

CredoTrade is not a licensed Forex broker. While reviewing, it is observed that this company is not regulated which means that the money is not protected by the government. Also, this company can not operate in any regulated country.  

 Is Investing In CredoTrade Safe?

Investing in CredoTrade is highly risky, it is because of being not regulated. Also, we found very less information about this company. Hence, one must not invest in a company that does not give information about themselves.

What To Do If CredoTrade Scams You?

If you have been scammed by CredoTrade then do not panic. We are here for you, all the help you need will be provided just to make sure that you get your money back.

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