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CoinTrading is a crypto trading platform that allows you to invest using cryptocurrency coins. The company started its operations in July 2020 and registered in London. It also offers an affiliate program in which you can earn by adding members under your affiliate. 

Is CoinTrading Registered?

CoinTrading is new, and the details provided are not verifiable. There are no proper accreditations available. The reviews online look like they have been auto-generated. Without records on their performance, we can only consider it as not legit.

Is It Safe To Invest In CoinTrading?

As of now, there are no records or reviews that can prove the legitimacy of the CoinTrading. It offers an affiliate system and free registration. Most of the clues point in the direction that this is a fraud scheme.

What To Do If You Have Lost Your Investments In Cointrading?

Have you lost your investment in Contact our expert team for a free consultation. We have experience in dealing with financial frauds and reclaiming the lost funds.

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