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CoinPot is a cryptocurrency microwallet. CoinPot gives users choices to store several kinds of cryptocurrencies through its wallets. 

Is CoinPot Legit?

In our research, we could not find any license or registration number on the website. The company has a lot of negative reviews online that talk about delayed access and loss of funds.

Should You Store Your Cryptocurrency In CoinPot?

CoinPot carries no licenses for its services. There is also no certificate of authenticity regarding the services the company provides. Therefore, high chances exist of your cryptocurrency getting scammed. It is better if you do not store your cryptocurrency in CoinPot, use a more widely recognized e-wallet instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By CoinPot?

If you have been scammed by CoinPot, contact us at our registered mail and telephone number. We have the resources and an experienced workforce to resolve your case and help you get back your money.

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