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Coinbull offers crypto assets and is operated by ABC Marketing. It is registered in Dominica. The company offers some of the most popular coins such as BTC, XRP, DASH, ETH, XLM, NEO, and more. Altogether, there are about 29 coins. The deposits are allowed via Credit card, bank transfer, and bitcoins.


In terms of service, the company claims to offer the best support to traders and investors. It also claims to provide a simplified interface for better access by the market operators. While the details of the company, as shown on its website, may look appealing, it has been suspected of fraud multiple times. Moreover, trading conditions are also not really clear.


Notably, Coinbull is not a regulated company, rather an offshore cryptocurrency CFD Broker. The reviews also speak about the trouble of the investors and traders. So in case, there is any fraud which needs to be reported, one can also raise a complaint at Funds Recovery.

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