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CoinBits claims to be a safe and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency trading such as CFDs and many others. The platform is for member only and hence, it is required to register with the company to start trading. 

Is CoinBits Legit?

CoinBits is an offshore broker and it is allegedly owned by Gama Solutions Ltd. After doing a thorough investigation, we found out that CointBits is unregulated and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK has also confirmed that is not licensed and blacklisted it as a potential scam. Moreover, the company has given two different addresses which is another red flag. 

Is It Safe To Invest With Coinbits?

As per our CoinBits review, it is not safe to invest with the company as the information is incomplete, everything is unclear, and most importantly, FCA has blacklisted it. 

What To Do If You Get Scammed By CoinBits?

If you get scammed by CoinBits, then you can give us a call to avail our services. The team of our experts will do the needful to ensure that you get your funds back.

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