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CMS Trader is a major name in the forex market and claims to have a volume of over 4.5 billion USD. It is an authorised broker and helps investors to invest money, forex market trading, currency trading, indices, commodities or stocks trading.   The company also offers a strong channel of support as well as daily recommendations to the users on major currency pairs. Also, a free signal recommendation stands as one of the most salient features of this company.   However, the company also has its name in cases of fraud and scams. Notably, in 2016, an unauthorised firm warning was raised against the company by the UK FCA. In 2018, the FPA Court Court Guilty Vote was also filed against the company. Besides, going through the reviews about the company, you can find that it cannot be a good recommendation.   So, in case you want to invest in its platform, Funds Recovery can be considered if things go wrong.

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