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CentroBanc was established with the aim of delivering a user-friendly experience to its customers. Besides, the company claims to offer the best trading conditions among the others in the market. Among the services, the company provides a variety of currency pairs on the MT4 platform.


The company offers various types of account for trading, namely Micro account (minimum deposit $350), Standard account (minimum deposit $10000), Silver account (minimum deposit $25000) and VIP account (minimum deposit $50000). In addition to this, CentroBanc also provides the opportunity of earning a bonus alongside profit, which ranges from 10% to 75% depending on the account type.


However, despite CentroBank sounds good for investments, one must know that it lacks regulation. Also, going through the terms and conditions, one can find that there is an unusual withdrawal condition, which means if a person wishes to withdraw all the money to close the account, he may receive the payment in monthly instalments. Also, there are negative reviews about the company including some of frauds as well. So, it is better to consider companies like Funds Recovery before you invest.

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