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Cash Forex Group is an online investment platform that allows users to get up to 15% returns on investments weekly. The company is run by CFxG.

Is Cash Forex Group Legit?

Cash Forex Group is an unregulated brokerage firm. It provides misinformation about being registered at financial regulatory bodies that do not exist. The site has previously received warnings from the FCA in the UK for its suspicious activities. 

Should You Invest With Cash Forex Group?

The returns cited by the site are not possible as can be clearly understood from the many other reviews explaining it. Also, providing misinformation is really a big red flag for a company you want to invest with. It is better if you invest with some other renowned firm instead.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Cash Forex Group?

If you have been scammed by Cash Forex Group, contact us. We have a highly experienced workforce that can solve your case and get you your money back fast.

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