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Capitaria, a Forex broker based in South America, offers its clients two types of trading accounts. Both these types offer high leverages and the trading instruments on the platform are varied.

Is Capitaria Legit?

Capitaria is owned and operated by KT Financial Group which is registered under the British Virgin Islands. The regulations here are very lenient and hence there is a high probability of the Forex trading company being a fraud.

Is It Safe For Your To Invest With Capitaria?

After investigating. we found that the company has not even filed for any kind of license. Also, no clear information regarding payments is available to you when you invest. It is therefore recommended that you avoid Capitaria and invest in some other option.

What To Do If You Get Scammed By Capitaria?

If being an investor you have been scammed by Capitaria, contact our experienced professionals with proper documents. We at Funds Recovery will offer you the best chance of getting your money back.

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