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Capital City Markets is a broker of foreign exchange that provides MT4 Mobile, and MT4 forex platform for trading. The platform provides 5 different foreign exchange currency pairs, metal, CFDs, and others. 

Is Capital City Markets Legit?

After an in-depth analysis of the Capital City Market, we have come to the conclusion that Capital City Markets is unregulated. Unregulated brokers are not trustworthy and you should stay away from them. 

Is It Safe For You To Make An Investment With Capital City Markets?

As per our Capital City Markets review, it is not safe to make an investment with the company as it is unregulated and it proves to be unsafe.

What To Do In Case Capital City Markets Scams You?

If you become the victim of the Capital City Markets scam, do not worry. You can give us a call and our trained experts will ensure that you get your money back. 

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